Terms and Conditions



1. These Terms and Conditions define and regulate legal relations concerning services provided by Globbing Company (hereinafter also Company, We, Globbing) by means of the website (hereinafter also Website).  The Company provides services in USA as well as in different countries with the help of its partners.

2. When you enter the Website, use any service or download any content in whole or in part you, as a user (hereinafter also User, You, Your, Customer), confirm that you have fully read and understood these Terms and Conditions, and also other terms of Services provided by the Company published in the Website,  the provisions of the public agency (moderation) agreement and unconditionally accept them, regardless whether you are a customer of the Services provided by the company, a registered User of the Website, or just a visitor.

3. The Company has the right to make changes in these Terms without prior notice, unilaterally at any time. In case of changes of the Terms the Company will publish the updated version in the Internet Website indicating the last modified date. It is the user's responsibility to visit the Website and check the changes in the Terms. New Terms will have legal force and will be applicable on the liabilities arising after publishing them on the Website.

4. If you do not agree with these Terms, please stop using the Site. Surfing the Website, opening an account and becoming a User using the Services indicates your unconditional acceptance of these Terms.



5. By agreeing to these Terms, you confirm that in accordance with the laws of the country of your location you are fully functional and have the right to use the Services. If in accordance with the laws of the country of your location you are not fully functional and cannot use our services yourself, to use them, you must get the consent of your parents or other authorized people. If you represent a legal entity, you confirm, that you have all the powers issued by a legal entity and in accordance with the laws of the country of the legal entity’s location the right to use the Services. By agreeing to these Terms, you acknowledge that we cannot verify the information and data given by you, the authenticity of your assertions at this point, therefore full responsibility for any violation of this paragraph falls on you. 



6. Globbing provides services to its customers directed to purchasing products (hereinafter also Order) from online shops at the expense of and on behalf of customers and delivering them to the customers (hereinafter Services).

7. In order to use the Services fully you must register in the Website and open a User account (hereinafter also User Account or Account). Each User can have only one Account. The Users do not have right to use other User’s account. When opening an account the User must represent all necessary authentic information. The Users are responsible for the protection of their information and they bear responsibility for the functions/actions made from their Accounts. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Company if certain that there was an unauthorized access to their account. In such case the Company has the right to immediately block the account until full clarification of the circumstances. In any case the Company does not bear any responsibility for actions made in the User's account by others. The responsibility for all the damage caused to the Company or third parties by that actions lies within the User.

8. The Services provided by the Company include but are not limited to:

   - The purchase of the products at the expense of and on behalf of customers on the basis of public agency agreement. 

   - The organization of the delivery of the Orders to the Customer by the Company.  

   - The organization of the delivery of the Orders bought by the Customers.

9. When making an order the Customer must have enough means at his account to buy that Order.

10. "Globbing" Company has the right to ship the delivery of the customers in its preferred method, as well as refuse the service of shipping a document or a parcel of a natural or a legal person. In case of changing the shipping method by reason of force majeure the Company has the right to the recalculate the tariffs.

11. The Company has the right to refuse the further transportation of the shipment of the delivery at any time, if the delivery somehow endangers or impede the transportation of other deliveries, or it endangers personnel or equipment involved in the transportation process or if the shipment of the content of the delivery is prohibited by law or by the rules of third-party carriers used for transportation.

12. Globbing bears the right to cancel the delivery dates of the Orders, as well as suspend the provision of certain services when the total volume of orders increases (holidays, sale campaigns or events etc.).



13. The accepted delivery for shipping is divided into two classes: internal and international.  

14. By internal shipping are shipped enclosures, which are not prohibited in the territory of the given country.

15. By international shipping are shipped enclosures, which are not prohibited to:

- import to any country,

- export from a territory of a country and import to the territory of the country of destination.

16. Globbing has the right to refuse acceptance of the delivery, which does not have the appropriate packaging or formulation.

17. Regardless of everything Globbing does not ship:

-weapons, ammunition,
-artwork (including antiques and collectable items) 
-precious metal bars, ingots and scrap
-foreign currency,
-dangerous, explosive and flammable substances
-living plants,

-other products which are restricted for international transportation, by local and international laws and norms, as well as internal regulations and procedures of the transportation company.

18. Parcels are accepted for transportation only packaged. However, the Company has the right to request a service user to show the contents of the packaged items for negating the existence of prohibited items for transfer.

19. The packaging of the parcel is the responsibility of the service user. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the damage caused by incorrect or incomplete packaging of the item.

20. Globbing has the right to repack the Order, deconsolidate, consolidate keeping the safety rules and requirements of the Order.

21. The Customer acknowledges, that the weight of the Order may differ in the shipping and receiving locations, but not more than 100 (a hundred) grams, which does not influence the predetermined price.

22. The addresses of the sender and recipient must be marked in the official language of the given country.

23. The sender's and recipient's addresses on the order to be delivered on the territory of the specific country must be in the official language of that country.

24. On international shipments the addresses must be written in Latin letters and Arabic numerals. It is allowed to write the recipient's address in the language of the destination country, with the condition that the destination country's name will be written in Armenian.

25. You are obliged to bear the expenses for the storage at the customs warehouse yourself, and in case they are made by Globbing, to compensate the costs. If your parcel is in our warehouse for more than 30 days, you will be charged 1$ for each successive day. The custody in the company warehouse or partner company international warehouse is prohibited and upon receiving the Parcel from the seller or the delivery agents it is formulated for transportation. If your parcel is in our warehouse for more than 30 days, you will be charged 1$ for each successive day.

26. The sender and recipient data are marked in the following way:

-name (full name of the natural person/ name of the legal person)

-street, building, house or apartment number

-name of settlement (town, district, village, etc.)

-telephone or mobile phone number (if available)

-country name (for international shipping).

27. If there is no any identification data of the chosen shipping method or Full Name available on the Order, which will enable the Company to decide the shipping method chosen, the Company will try to contact you by the phone number provided by you, in case you do not answer during the same day, the parcel will be delivered by express shipping. 

28. "Globbing" Company does not provide service "on demand" or by the address of the postal subscription box.

29. During courier delivery to contracted customers a form must be filled, which is signed by the sender or his authorized representative. Courier confirms the number of the deliveries. The authorized person is any person who transmits the delivery from the sender. A copy of the form remains with the sender.

30. In certain cases, which don’t depend on the Company, each completed form for the international delivery has an identification number, by which a customer can track the movement of the items by the internet up to the moment it is handed to the addressee. That number is also written on each piece of the Order, which allows to quickly restore the addressing data in case of the air waybill loss.

31․You give your consent that your passport data stored and processed by Globbing for the implementation of the customs clearance. 



32. The payment for the provided services is charged from the recipient at the receiving of the Orders according to the current tariffs. If there is no other agreement, the international postal service fees do not include customs duties and taxes, as well as all costs related to customs declaration. Orders are accepted in the "Globbing" office, in the office of the partner company or by courier, sent by the specified location.

33. The Customer understands and accepts that the Order is a subject to customs clearance in cases established by law, for which the responsibility lies within the Customer. Moreover, the customer acknowledges that Globbing does not carry consultation concerning customs clearance. It is the Customer's responsibility to independently determine the probability of customs clearance of the order independently. The Customer is obliged to follow all the steps for customs clearance and receiving the Order in the manner prescribed by law. In case as a result of the Customer’s inactivity Globbing suffers damages the customer is obligated to compensate the damages.

34. The orders, for the import of which are necessary special certificates, permits or licenses must to be specified by the customer. The customer is responsible for the payments of that Orders.

35. The bonus points granted during Company opening or any other campaigns are considered invalid if the Customer has not made any purchase/delivery during next 3 months. 

36. All prices are noted in US dollars but payments are made as of the date of payment in accordance with foreign currency exchange sell rates set by HSBC Armenia bank. 



37. The Orders are shipped to the address mentioned in the accompanying documents. Courier hands the items to the recipient or an authorized person with signature.

The person receiving the delivery confirms the receipt of the shipment and note on the accompanying document:

• Name and surname

• Signature

• Date and Time of the delivery.

38. The handing procedure of the deliveries addressed to legal entities can be determined according to the contract signed between "Globbing" Company and legal entities.

39. In case of impossibility to deliver parcel to the recipient (legal representative), it will be stored at Company or its partners for 30 days. The sender or recipient can request in written from to extend the term of the storage of the deliveries, up to three month. Requester pays for the storage of the item.

40. In accordance with legislation and international agreement the Order is returned to the return address:

  • Based on the sender's request before handing to the receiver,
  • In case the receiver (legal representative), refuses to get the Order,
  • In case of the absence of the recipient in the mentioned address,
  • In case the recipient's address unreadability (deleted, broken, etc.).
  • In other circumstances which exclude the commitments of Globbing according to the service contract.

41. In case the Order is not received by the Customer in 30 days and there is no application for extension of the protection period, Company has the right to alienate the Order at a convenient price, take the money for his expenses, the rest will be handed back the Customer or a notary or a lawyer as a deposit.

42. The customs control and customs clearance of the international shipping transported through the customs border of the country, as well as the handing of the international deliveries to the addressee (legal representative) by the operator of Globbing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customs laws of that country.

43. Company is not liable for customs declarations regardless of their composition, as well as for the decisions made by the Customs Service during the customs inspection of the deliveries.



44. Items are handed if identity document, driving license, military identification card are available.

45. Items addressed to people under 16, are handed if identity document or the documents of the legal representative is available.The Order are handed on the basis of the original documents or notarized copies.

46. The compensation and liability in case of the loss of Orders are specified by the legislation of the country of the Company’s partner.

47. The Order may be handed to the person authorized by the Customer, if the person has written power of attorney (including the filled in the site) and identity documents.



48. If service users created accounts on the Globbing website and filled balance, the money will be refunded to the service users in the following way:

  •  If the amount was deposited by a bank transfer, the amount or the balance will be returned to the same bank account, moreover, if the amount was filled 120 calendar days ago, then the refund is done on the basis of the request provided by Globbing,
  •  If the amount was filled in the "Globbing" Company's partner’s office or by a terminal, the amount or the balance will be refunded upon submission of written evidence in accordance with national legislation (receipt, cash checks, etc.).



49. In case of non-performance or improper performance of the provision of services and responsibilities of"Globbing" Company, service users have the right to submit a written request (complaint) to "Globbing" Company or its partner organization, including demand for compensation for damages.

50. In case of non-delivery or damage or loss of the Orders a written complaint is submitted to "Globbing"Company within 30 calendar days, from the date of the shipment of Orders or from the deadline of the handover. Moreover, if two bases for the period calculation are available the expiration date is considered the latest date.

51. The written requests (complaints) for search for the loss of international Orders are received and discussed in accordance with terms and dates of legislation and international treaties.  

52. Written request (appeal) is a subject to registration as prescribed by law. While presenting a written request (appeal), the service users (legal representative) must submit an identity document.

53. To the written request (appeal) must be attached a copy of the service contract signed with Company or partner organization and (or) a copy of the receipt or a copy of the list of description of the enclosure of the Order, substantiations that are caused by non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations by the courier service operator and in case of written request (appeal) for compensation for damage information about the amount of the damage should be mentioned.

54. In written request (complaints) is mentioned:

  • Details of the identification document of the applicant (legal representative);
  • The essence of the request (claim).

55. Company examines the written requests (complaints) and replies them in written form within the time prescribed by law.

56. In case of disagreement concerning the written requests (complaints) the service users may apply measures to protect their rights prescribed by the law.

57. Company makes the payment of cash as compensation of the damage caused in the manner and dates prescribed by legislation and international treaties.

58. In case of loss or damage of the Order the Company’s responsibility at the discretion of the Company may limit with 20 (twenty) US dollars for 1kg loss of shipping or repair cost for the damage of the Order.

59. The insurance of Order and the ensuing costs are implemented by the customer by customer upon customer's request and at his expense.  

60. In case the Orders are found after the payment of compensation for damage caused, it is handed to the recipient or is returned to the sender.Moreover, the applicant (sender or recipient) is charged the compensation for damaged caused, except for the amount charged for the late shipment of the item.If the applicant refuses to return the compensation amount, the delivery is stored as undelivered item.



61. The company's website may contain links to other sites or hiperlinks (hereinafter also referred to Other Sites), articles, photographs, images, graphic photos, audio and videos, information, applications, etc. which are placed or owned by third parties (hereinafter referred to as Third Parties’ Material).

62. The Company does not represent that Third Parties, does not check the integrity of the materials placed by them, veracity, accuracy, and is not responsible for the content of Third Parties and Other Sites. The Company is not responsible for the services offered and provided by Third Parties through our Site. 



63. You are free to surf our website without registering. However, in order to use Globbing services, we require you to sign up. All personal information is collected only when you give it to us. Upon sign up you are required to give us your name and email, your home address and contact information. We can also obtain other sort of information in various different manners whilst you use our website. Our servers collect such information as your IP address, language and browser you use, the type of the computer, internet provider, the time and date when you logged in and other such information. That information assists us in understanding and track online behavior and trends of our users. We also collect information, which follows your movement and tracks the use of our website. That information allows us to give you customized services.The moment you sign up, we store the information provided by you, such as your email, password or else. Globbing may also get additional information about you by means of other customers complaining about you, survey you have completed on our website, you contacting your customer support and others.

64. Company takes proper electronic, physical, and other security measures to insure the safety of your personal information from illegal access, modification, or disclosure.  All the data provided by you is stored on secure database servers. We password-protect any Globbing profile pages that show your personal information. Globbing will never ask you to disclose your password through phone call or e-mails. We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others, except cases predetermined by the law.  We may share generic aggregated demographic information not linked to any personal identification information regarding visitors and Users with our business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers for the purposes outlined above.

65. We can use your information in order to:

  • Satisfy your wishes for services, products, and alerts;
  • Offer you services and products that might interest you;
  • Assist you in using our website;
  • Operate your account and alter our services to comply with your preferences;
  • Analyze the use of our website in order to improve it, together with products and services we offer;
  • Recognize and shield against misuse of our website; and
  • In other cases prescribed by law. 



66. You have the right to rescind the contract signed with the Company at any time, but after performing all your payment obligations to the Company. In case you have any overdue liabilities the contract cannot be considered rescind. 

67. For rescission of the contract and closing the current account on Globbing the Customer should submit an application about rescission of the Contract and closing the current account on Globbing via or in the Office of the company stating the email registered in Globbing.

68. Submission of an application approves that the Customer refuses from the bonus available on the account and is familiar with the conditions of return of the positive balance of the amount.

69. The company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract , if the customer with his actions  spreads incorrect information concerning the services provided by the Company, trying to form a negative opinion about the Company among other subjects or in other cases, if the Company finds, that the Customer's actions harm or may harm the Company's business reputation. In case the contract termination is based on this point all Bonuses of the Customer are nullified.

70. In case there is available amount on the Customer's balance, the money is returned in accordance with the 8th Chapter of the Terms and Conditions. 

71. In case the Customer within 90 (ninety) calendar days, does not submit the receipt  (for example cash checks) confirming payment provided for in Chapter 8 of the Terms and Conditions, the current account on the balance passes to the company.



See contract here.

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