Restricted Items

Below you can find a list of categories of prohibited items for international shipping. 

Any product that is banned by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR),Trade, CustomsandBorderProtection departments, US Department of State and Department of the Treasury.

  •  Electronics or any other device, that requires ECCN (Export Control Classification Number

  • Animals (including parts of animals such as skins, furs, etc.) – Dead or alive

  • Artwork (including antiques and collectible items)

  • Precious and semi-precious metals/stones

  • Currency (including lottery tickets)

  • Dangerous/hazardous products  

  • Drugs

  • Firearms (including parts)

  • Food items

If the airline company doesn’t ship the order because of international, interstate and intrastate regulations or other laws of air shipping and / or the company's internal procedures, Globbing LLC reserves the right to change the shipping method to Standard shipping.

You can see UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods here.