Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I Get the US, EU and RF Addresses?

    As soon as you register with us we automatically generate your address in the US, Europe and RF. In your Globbing account you can see your shipping addresses and the shipping methods accordingly. 

  • Can I Use the Website Right After Registration?

    Absolutely! As soon as you get confirmation, you are all set to start Globbing. We will be at your service and will accept all your requests. 

  • Is the Globbing Address a P.O. Box Address?

    Your Globbing address is NOT a P.O. Box address. We have an actual physical office and a warehouse with full time staff. This insures that there will be a person to receive your package. Since most delivery companies, such as UPS, DHL and FedEx and so on, do not deliver to P.O. box addresses, most sellers don't even ship to P.O. box addresses.

  • What to do when I can’t login to my account?

    Check to see if your Caps lock is on or not. Check to be sure that your internet browser is up to date. If anyway, you cannot login to your account just call us 060 616 616, we will try to help you.  

  • Can I Shop in Stores NOT Listed on your Website?

    Definitely! You may purchase from any sellers, being retailers or individuals you want. How it works is that upon check-out or in the field where you need to state your shipping address, you give your your Globbing address . We will receive it at our warehouse and send it to you.

  • How do I save money when shopping with Globbing?

    There are many ways that you can save money while shopping through Globbing. Below you can find some great Globbing-shopping tips we have put together for you: < Due to frequent inefficient packaging in many stores, international shipping costs way more. Globbing can reduce your costs by repacking your purchase into a smaller box. It will reduce the dimensional weight and lower the shipping costs; < Since you get your own US/EU address can enjoy free or discounted shipping that many sellers offer; < Globbing has a section of BEST DEALS that is updated regularly, so you can find the best and hottest deals there and save; <

  • What do I do when the US or European store doesn't accept my credit card?

    Some stores will not accept a foreign credit/debit cards. But Globbing knows that and has a solution for you! You can use our BUY4ME service, and shop anything from anywhere.

  • How do I know I'm getting the right size?

    Please refer to the links below on international clothes and shoe size conversion.  
    OnlineConversionMen OnlineConversionWomen OnlineConversionShoes

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of different services that fully correspond your shopping needs and assist you with your shopping. Please see the full list of services we offer with explanation of how they work HERE .   

  • What are the fees of your services?

    We have a wide range of services and they charge a minimal amount. We have NO HIDDEN FEAS and NO SERVICE CHARGE. Please see the charge for each service on its corresponding page. Click HERE to see all services. 

  • How do I use your services?

    We have many services that help you shop every step of the way. You can simply contact us and our extremely helpful customer care agents will walk you through whatever you need (working hours: weekdays 10:00-22:00; weekend 10:00-20:00). Or you can click HERE to go to each service and see how it works. 

  • What are the benefits of your services?

    Since we have many different services offered, their benefits also vary. What all of them have in common is to save you hassle and time. All of the break down boundaries to let you freely shop the world. Refer to our services page to see what exact benefit you get from what exact service.  

  • What do I need to get a G-Credit?

    All you have to do it show up at the G-Shop, presenting all the necessary documents and get your credit on the spot so you can shop for necessities internationally with credit and save up for the purchase of your dreams.

  • What is the difference between G-Shop and Globbing website? 

    G-Shop is our physical shop. Globbing website is our virtual store. In G-shop you can enjoy all the services offered online with a personal touch. There are also such perks as G-Credit, which you can get only at our G-Shop. At G-Shop you can pay cash.  Our highly skilled G-Shop advisors will help you every step of the way. Refer here for detailed explanation of the shop and what it offers.

  • Other issues

    When shopping online you need any help you can use our G-Help service and we will try to help and find solutions. Service Cost: $10

  • What is dimensional weight? 

    Dimensional weight is the one where you base your calculations on the Height, Width and length of the box shipped. Shipping companies use the dimensional weight, so they can fairly calculate and charge shipping costs for oversized boxes. See more.

  • How do I know my approximate shipping costs?  

    In order to know the approximate shipping costs you can enter the dimensions of your package into our Shipping Calculator and within seconds find out the costs. The final cost may vary depending on the shipping method you choose and the exact dimensions of your package. 

  • Is there a shipping limit per account? 

    No, there is no shipping limit per account. You can ship as much as you want.  

  • Are the taxes and customs fees included in the cost

    Our warehouse is in the state of Delaware, and it's a sales tax free state. As to customs fees, they are not included in the price. If the customs price of your products doesn’t accede 200.000 AMD and the weight 30 kg, your purchase is NOT subject to customs clearance. See the law here

  • Are there any items that cannot be shipped?

    There is a list of prohibited items for international shipping, employed worldwide. See the list here.